The Best Investment Any Fan of Car Camping Can Make

Car camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without the hassles that come with backpacking and other forms of roughing it. Some enthusiastic car campers, though, fail to do everything they could to make their experiences as enjoyable as possible.

Sticking to a conventional tent, for instance, is a mistake that surprisingly many make, despite there now being vastly superior options. Going to sleep at night in a pop up roof top tent will always make a car camping trip a lot more pleasant and satisfying.

Tents Get Short Shrift Among Many Car Campers

Compared to backpackers who carry everything they need in their rucksacks, car campers can afford to be a lot more indulgent. That, in fact, is what attracts so many to this type of camping, as it means not needing to be so spartan and severe about creature comforts.

Despite that, many people who car camp quite a bit keep sticking to arrangements that fail to leverage the associated advantages effectively. Tents that are designed to emphasize portability above all else, for example, feature prominently in the setups of many car campers.

Considering that many car-camping enthusiasts happily bring generators, appliances, and other extras with them, relying on such a stripped-down tent rarely makes much sense at all. Consigning something as fundamental as shelter to second-class status will drag down the experience of any trip.

A Better Way to Camp With a Car

There are now some clearly superior options that just about every car camper will do well to consider. Tents that mount directly to the roofs of vehicles offer a lot more than any portable pretender can claim.

A roof-mounted tent, for instance, can easily incorporate an integrated mattress that provides a high level of comfort at all times. Compared to the flimsy, lightweight pads that many campers go to sleep on, that will always be welcome.

The most carefully considered designs also allow rooftop tents to simply pop into place when they are needed. With the process of putting the tent away being every bit as easy, wasted time will always be kept to a minimum. For reasons like these and many others, fans of car camping who look into the options more and more often end up buying roof-mounted tents of their own.